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Learn the business essentials of the biopharma and medical device sectors. Perfect for those new to the industry or for scientists who want to better understand the business side.

on-demand and Live courses

We offer on-demand, online, and onsite master courses. All are developed and delivered by our experts who have 20+ years of industry experience. Upon successful completion receive your course certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn education profile. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and let us customize a course for your organization’s specific needs!

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Master Courses Available Live And Recorded

Understanding Commercialization Within Biopharma 12-hour course

Understanding Commercialization Within Biopharma is a 12-hour interactive course that uses real-world examples to explain both the big picture of strategic commercialization as well as the tactics necessary for a successful pharmaceutical launch. Discussion points focus on the creation of the Therapeutic Target Profile (TPP), the power of market segmentation, crafting the value story, and building/sustaining competitive advantage. This course is for both scientists and non-scientists who need to better understand how therapeutics are successfully launched and commercialized.

Biopharma Revenue Forecasting 12-hour course

Biopharma Revenue Forecasting that drives decision making and investments is a twelve-hour tactical course invaluable for organizations that work in both preclinical/early clinical development all the way to mature biopharma. Develop knowledge of the core elements of revenue forecasting including pricing, competitive assessments, and epidemiology. Understand how the geography of the United States, European Union, Japan, China, and the rest of the world impacts revenue forecasting. Join our dynamic industry experts as they bring to life the ‘logical process’ of revenue forecasting using real-life case studies that participants work through together.

Understanding Drug Pricing, Policy and Utilization 6-hour course

Understanding Drug Pricing, Policy, and Utilization is a 6-hour course that examines the complexities of the U.S. healthcare market. Many believe patient access to medications and pricing are solely determined by the drug companies; however, this is far too simplistic. This course provides a comprehensive look at how competing forces including the federal government, the insurance industry, and healthcare providers influence formulary systems, which in turn determines how patients access, use, and pay for medications. Learn how commercial and government databases housing pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomic information also drive drug policy and pricing. Perform basic cost-effectiveness and quality of life calculations to help you gain an appreciation for the types of decisions faced by various persons on the drug development team. Created and taught by a healthcare economist and social scientist, this engaging course is a must for anyone new to healthcare policy and pricing.


On-Demand Short Course

Biopharma Business Acumen 45-minute class

Biopharma Business Acumen is an interactive short course that was developed for those who need to better understand the unique considerations encountered by industry executives. The Oxford English Dictionary defines acumen as “the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions” and this course explores four areas in which good judgment and quick decisions can only be managed if one understands the basics of Financing Vehicles, Intellectual Property Law, Life Cycle Management, and Drug Pricing.