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Biopharmaceutical Commercialization Immersion

Biopharmaceutical Commercialization Immersion explores the strategic aspects of bringing a drug product to market and maximizing its commercial potential. It showcases the different phases of the product life cycle and the real-world decisions that have a profound impact on a drug’s success. From early planning to pre-launch activities, this course uncovers the secrets to evaluating opportunities and creating a brand that resonates with a target disease audience. It navigates the world of health economics, teaches cost-effectiveness analysis, and maximizes a workflow for patient access to the drug product. Enroll today for an immersive learning experience and uncover the strategies for successful launch planning, building competitive advantage, and thriving in a rapidly evolving marketplace!

Week 1: Introduction to Commercialization

Explore the fundamentals of Commercialization, including strategic planning, product lifecycle phases, and key decisions that impact commercial potential, all aimed at optimizing commercial value.

Week 2: Early Planning

Learn about Early Planning in the drug development process, including activities like opportunity evaluation, target product profile (TPP) development, and market sizing to assess commercial potential, with a focus on how the TPP influences drug labeling and promotional claims.

Week 3: Pre-Launch Planning

Explore the world of Pre-Launch Planning in pharmaceuticals, covering key activities like SWOT analysis, data-driven market research, patient journey mapping, brand positioning, and business strategy development, with a real-life case study comparing Cialis and Viagra, and an interactive activity to uncover the strategic plan.

Week 4: Creating the Value Proposition

Dive into the creation of a compelling value proposition in the pharmaceutical industry. Explore topics such as health economics, pay for performance models, cost-effectiveness analysis, and strategies to ensure patient access to your product.”

Week 5: Launch Planning

Prepare for a successful product launch in the pharmaceutical industry. Discover essential launch planning activities, explore market access strategies, delve into disease education, and navigate FDA guidelines for promotions and advertising.

Week 6: In-Line Planning

Maximize your pharmaceutical product’s success beyond launch. Learn how to monitor key performance indicators, mitigate post-launch threats, and maintain a competitive edge. Explore strategies for lifecycle management, risk management, multichannel marketing, and addressing challenges like loss of exclusivity and regulatory changes.

Five Takeaways


  1. Identify key commercialization success factors and their value as a core, differentiating
  2. Access a commercialization “toolbox” that can be immediately and practically applied.
  3. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the product launch process.
  4. Recognize key issues, opportunities, and challenges of effective commercialization strategy and tactics.
  5. Discover tools needed to build compelling and effective value-demonstration stories that help optimize reimbursement and market access.

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