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Our Instructors are industry experts, engaging, able to make the complicated understood.


Emily Burke, PhD

Biotechnology Advisor, Instructor

Simon Tulloch, MD

Drug Development Advisor, Instructor


James Macemon

Medical Device Advisor, Instructor

Ryan Burnette, PhD

Ryan Burnette, PhD

Biosafety & Biorisk  Advisor, Instructor

Our content is carefully selected and always current so you are in the know.

Unrivaled Content

Our content is the best in the business–period. We have the scientific, industry and curriculum development expertise to create and deliver knowledge-packed courses that connect what you know, to what you need to know. Select from our extensive library of industry topics or let us work with you to create completely original content. We have deep industry knowledge in Biotechnology, Drug Development, Medical Devices, Molecular Diagnostics and Biosafety.

85% of our training is customized and delivered onsite at client facilities.

We can:

  • Prepare your people for a product launch so everyone understands the importance of their contribution and the launch as a whole.
  • Increase the baseline understanding of the science or regulatory process to enable better communication between teams.
  • Explain how the discovery process works and what information researchers use so your engineers and IT department can implement better systems.
  • Educate new hires or business development teams on the science behind your product so they are a more empowered and effective employee.

Case Study: Drug Development & Product Launch

Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company


With six therapeutics in Phase III and two filed with the FDA for marketing approval, this fortune 500 biotech wants all employees to understand how their work directly impacts the company’s ability to be a “product launching machine.”

BioTech Primer Solution:

To ensure everyone within the company is fully aware and prepared for these product launches, we created a customized 2-day drug development program to explain this company’s clinical development and product launch practices. We have been told that all three customized courses we deliver onsite for this client, Drug Development & Product Launch, The Science of Biotech: Primer and The Science of Biotech: Deep Dive, are their most popular training courses and often our courses have wait lists of employees trying to get in.

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Interested in Customized In-House or Online Courses?

Icon-Customized-curriculum1-200x200-57469We develop and deliver customized, onsite training to companies worldwide. Current clients include Biogen Idec, MedImmune, Life Technologies, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, Genomic Health and many others. Customized, onsite training is more relevant and cost effective because the training is based on company need, budget and time constraints.

“We brought BioTech Primer in-house to ensure our non-scientist people had the relevant knowledge in drug discovery, drug development and biomanufacturing to be able to better contribute to the day-to-day activities of our drug development activities. The pace, variety of content and connection to our industry focus made the 3-day investment time very well spent.”
Luke Beshar, CFO, NPS Pharmaceuticals 

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Cover of The Biotech Primer book


THE BIOTECH PRIMER is a 200-page book featuring illustrations and a glossary of biotechnology terms. The text takes an in-depth look at the biotech industry and in particular, the science that drives it. From cell structure to protein structure; gene expression to genetic variation and genetic engineering; the human immune response to the production of antibodies for biotech application; and finally drug discovery, drug development, and biomanufacturing–we discuss the key concepts and technologies that impact current biotechnology developments.

This book will support your growth in biotechnology. Although the industry itself is constantly changing, these fundamental concepts upon which it is built will remain important for years to come and decision makers who understand these fundamentals will be better able to evaluate and predict new trends.

More than anything else, we hope that your understanding of the science behind biotechnology will serve to increase your enthusiasm for this exciting and truly life-changing industry. The future is here–be a part of it!