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Drug Manufacturing courses

Learn how small molecule drugs, biologics, and AAV gene therapies are developed and manufactured. Coming soon Cell Therapy Manufacturing!

ON-Demand and live COURSES

Choose our on-demand, online, or onsite mastercourses. Our courses are developed and delivered by manufacturing experts. Upon successful completion receive your course certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn education profile. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us customize a course based on your organization’s needs!

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Live Master Course

Understanding Biomanufacturing - ONE-DAY COURSE

Understanding Biomanufacturing is a one-day journey that delves into all aspects of large molecule drug production. Developed specifically for the non-scientist, this live, online course keeps participants engaged through its interactive activities and discussions. Topics include the process of drug production, the science of manufacturing, common cell lines used, and an overview of safety regulations including the role of GMP. Learn from a biomanufacturing professional who offers real-life insights into drug-derived product manufacturing

On-Demand Short Classes

Biomanufacturing 40-minute online class

Biomanufacturing introduces the intricacies and difficulties involved in manufacturing biologics. Biologics are produced in living cells, unlike small molecule drugs that are synthesized in glasswear. To understand the biopharma industry, you need know how biologic medicines are produced. Biomanufacturing is for everyone in the biopharma industry, especially for those new to drug production, drug development or product launch.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 40-minute online class

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing introduces the complex processes of manufacturing, packaging and transporting small molecule drugs. Drug manufacturing is highly regulated by governments to ensure patients receive safe and effective medications. If you are new to drug production, drug development or product launch, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing provides you with the knowledge to understand how to get a small molecule drug from the production line to the patient and remain in regulatory compliance.

AAV Gene Therapy Manufacturing 50-minute online class

AAV Gene Therapy Manufacturing explains the design, function, and features of adenoassociated virus (AAV) systems, details on specific platforms used for transfection, and methods of validation and purification after the gene therapy product is created.