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Enterprise and LTI

Biotech Primer provides the ability to deliver On-Demand Micro Classes. This document details integration and enterprise options available to clients. This is intended to be a reference. Due to various LMS packages and support, this may or may not apply.


LTI Integration

LTI integrations provide a “bridge” for course delivery. When operating within an LTI Bridge, Biotech Primer’s LMS provides course content and tracking to a company LMS.

LTI version selection is based on the client’s LMS provider’s compatibility.

  • Administration credentials within Biotech Primer’s LMS (one user)
  • Users maintain individual credentials inside their company LMS
  • Reports generated inside client/company LMS

* Companies maintain the user experience inside their LMS to deliver Biotech Primer courses to their employees.



Enterprise packages include administrative access to a company-specific portal housed inside Biotech Primer’s LMS.

  • Administration credentials within Biotech Primer’s LMS (one user)
  • User credentials within Biotech Primer’s LMS
  • Reports generated within Biotech Primer’s LMS

* Companies utilize Biotech Primer’s LMS to deliver courses to their employees.

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