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Frequently Asked Questions


What discounts does Biotech Primer offer for on-demand classes?

Annual Subscriptions: Choose a Subscription Package or All-Access Bundle for even greater savings!

  • Micro Class Subscription: Enjoy an 85% discount and unlimited access to 40+ hours of life sciences training. New classes are added throughout the year.
    • Annual cost: $1395.00
    • BIO member cost: $1185.75*
  • Recorded Signature Course Subscription: Enjoy a 75% discount and unlimited access to 60+ hours of life sciences training.
    • Annual cost: $2395.00
    • BIO member cost: $2035.75*
  • All-Access Subscription Bundle: Enjoy an additional $400 discount and unlimited access to 100+ hours of life science training when purchasing both on-demand subscriptions in this all-access bundle. Steal this deal today!
    • Annual cost: $3390.00
    • BIO member cost: $2854.72*

*BIO members use coupon code BIO15 during checkout.

Bulk Purchase Discounts for organizations/individuals who purchase 10 or more micro classes. Automatically receive discounts during checkout; no coupon code is required.


Number of Classes Price Per Class
1-9 $190 USD
10-20 $152 USD
21-100 $133 USD
101-250 $114 USD
251-500 $95 USD
500+ $57 USD 

BIO Members receive a 15% discount when purchasing any recorded signature course or up to nine micro classes. Use coupon code BIO15 during checkout.

What discounts does Biotech Primer offer for live classes?

Early bird registration and member discounts may apply for members of the following groups: Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), Biocom, California Life Sciences (CLS), Life Science Washington (LSWA), Life Science British Columbia (LSBC), Life Science Pennsylvania (LSPA), and BIO North Texas (BioNTX).

Enjoy a 10% discount when 3 or more individuals from the same company register for the same live course. Contact for more details.

See each live signature course registration page for valid discounts offered.

What discounts does Biotech Primer offer for in-house training?

A 10% discount is applied to the minimum purchase of the same three customized courses delivered within one calendar year.

General Course Questions

Why should I choose Biotech Primer for our training?

Our instructors! Our materials! Our customer service! Our attention to your training goals! Our convenience! We make it simple and bring everything to you!

Where can I find a list of all the upcoming live courses?

Click here to find the dates and locations of all upcoming live signature courses.

Where can I find a list of all the on-demand classes?

Click here to find the registration pages for all on-demand classes.

What does Biotech Primer in-house training offer?

Biotech Primer in-house training offers a unique solution for organizations and teams looking to address their specific education goals or overcome challenges. Through collaboration with clients and our team of industry-experienced instructors, we develop and deliver dynamic instructional courses. By tailoring the training to your specific needs and availability, we aim to provide a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

How do I get in touch with Biotech Primer for questions about training options?

We are eager to assist you in finding a suitable plan that aligns with your specific needs. Feel free to email us at, and we will promptly get back to you with the information you require. In the meantime, check out our course catalog.

What are the benefits of taking Biotech Primer training courses for career and personal development?

Biotech Primer training courses offer numerous benefits for career and personal development as they support career progression, enhance proficiency by providing real-life examples, offer valuable perspectives, and facilitate a holistic understanding of a complicated industry.

Participants learn to navigate similar situations from the examples of successes and pitfalls experienced by our industry experts. Insights gained from seasoned professionals can enhance decision-making abilities and improve overall job performance. Biotech Primer courses expand your skillset and keep you up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. Investing in yourself leads to continuous growth and improvement in both professional and personal life.

Who are the instructors for the courses?

Our instructors are dynamic, industry-experienced experts. In fact, this is what sets us apart from other training organizations – our instructors! Anyone can “learn the presentation,”- but our instructors can handle your most difficult questions. Anyone can stand before others and read off the slides, but Biotech Primer instructors engage and “edu-tain” you with their personal war stories. Learn from the best! Click here to read their bios.

Who attends your training?

We have a diverse audience in experience, education, and job description. Attendees range from C-level executives to manufacturing shift workers, those new to the life science industry, and seasoned veterans who may be in a different position or with a new company. This mix of backgrounds extends learning since everyone has something to contribute to and learn from the group.

Do you provide training in other languages besides English?

All of our on-demand micro classes are translated into nine different languages. These languages are used in subtitles and transcripts. The languages include English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, French Canadian, Hindi, Arabic, and Russian.

Do I get a certificate for attending?

You receive a course certificate upon completing any of Biotech Primer courses. Your course certificate can be uploaded to your LinkedIn education profile simply by clicking the button on your Biotech Primer dashboard. Set yourself apart and tout your life science expertise by sharing your course certificate on LinkedIn!

Does Biotech Primer provide continuing education credits (CEUs)?

As of December 2023, all of our on-demand micro classes have been submitted for CEU through NASBA, an internationally recognized organization that provides professionals with CEUs. 

On-Demand Classes

How long do I have to complete an on-demand course?

You have one year from the date of purchase to complete the course. During that year, you may watch the class an unlimited number of times.

What happens if I don’t complete the course in one year?

There are no time extensions. If you want to complete the course, you must purchase it again.

How long are the on-demand classes?

Our longest course has a running time of 90 minutes. However, most have a running time of 45 minutes. The running time is listed for each class on its registration page. The assessment at the end of each course takes between 10-20 minutes to complete.

Are there any downloadable class materials?

No. All course slides and transcripts remain on your Biotech Primer dashboard, but they are always available for review.

What is the format of the on-demand classes?

The online class begins with the class objectives and the course itself and ends with a summary of what you learned. The course is a series of images and text accompanied by a professional voice-over and subtitles. Subtitles are available in 9 languages. The course ends with a quiz to assess your understanding.

Can I repeat the course?

You can repeat the course as often as you like within your one-year access.

How many times can I take the course quiz?

You have three chances to pass the quiz. A passing score is 75% or higher. You must pass the quiz to receive the class certificate. Your quiz score will be shown on your class certificate.

May I share a course I purchased with others?

Each course is to be taken by one individual. If you want to learn as a group, please contact us at for group pricing.

Live Courses

How many people can you train at once for a live course? What is the minimum number of participants? What is the maximum number of participants?

Our ideal number of participants is 25. There is no minimum participant number. The maximum number of participants is 35.

Do you send out class materials to attendees prior to the course?

Class materials can be found on your Biotech Primer account dashboard.

Is there pre-work prior to the course?

No pre-work is assigned.

What sort of training materials do you provide?

We provide a customized electronic workbook specific to each course. The workbook includes all presented slides, articles from our blog, The Primer, and any activities or case studies we will complete in class. Depending on the class, some workbooks include a glossary of biotech terms, and others may include a list of commonly used acronyms.

Do you provide refreshments and snacks? Breakfast and lunch?

We do not provide any refreshments or meals for live training. Often, the company will provide some drink and food for the participants.

Can you hold the training at our company facility?

We come to you! Save time and money by having us travel to your facility instead of having your employees travel to us.

What sort of room set-up is required for your training?

We prefer the room to be set up classroom style with all tables and chairs facing forward towards the screen. AV needs include a screen, whiteboard or flip chart with markers, and LCD projector. A nice to have is a lapel mic if the room is large and a table at the front of the room for the instructor.

Do you provide in-house training internationally?

We provide in-house training worldwide. Over the years, we have provided training throughout Europe, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and India.

I need training for topics not listed on your website. Do you have additional training topics?

We have many topics not currently listed. Contact us at, and let’s discuss your training needs.

Do you offer half-day training?

Yes. We offer two hours to five consecutive days. The content dictates the length of time needed.

How far in advance do I need to book in-house training?

We prefer a minimum of eight weeks advanced notice. Occasionally, we can deliver a course within a week or two, depending on instructor availability and the customization required.

What is the cost of the onsite customized training?

Training for up to 25 people in the US is between $11,000-$12,000 per day. Pricing depends on the subject, location, number of participants, and amount of customization needed. A 10% discount is given to clients who book three or more of the same in-house course within one year.

Do classes sell out? Are classes ever canceled?

Courses sell out, so if you want to attend, sign up early. From time to time, we do cancel courses because of low attendance. Prior to making flight arrangements, please contact us and inquire if the course is in danger of being canceled. We do not refund any travel costs due to course cancellation.

What is the dress code for an in-house course?

The dress code for the courses is business casual. We recommend that you dress in layers as rooms can be chilly, and we often can’t control the temperature.

Do you offer other services besides training?

We have provided additional services, including:

  • Developed customized webinars for internal company needs
  • Briefed newly elected representatives on the basics of the life sciences industry
  • Developed material for company outreach initiatives, including online science resource libraries, brochures, booklets, community labs for high school students, and presentations for employees to give to local community organizations
  • Developed and delivered day-long science programs for a company’s “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”
  • Developed and delivered science presentations at annual company meetings
  • Consulted on museum exhibits, including exhibit design, exhibit content, and teacher/student exhibit guides
  • Wrote “Basics of Biotech Pocket Guide” for a client to distribute at the 2004 National Republican Convention


What are the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy regarding data submission and usage?

The terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy state that by submitting data to us and/or using our website, you are providing consent for processing all personal data you submit. This data may be processed in accordance with the methods and purposes described above, as well as further detailed in our Privacy Policy.

What are the terms and conditions of our Terms of Use Policy?

Click here to find the terms and conditions of our Terms of Use Policy.

What are the terms and conditions of our Cookie Policy?

Click here to find the terms and conditions of our Cookie Policy.

What is your refund policy?

We do not refund purchases for any on-demand classes. If you cannot attend a live course, you may take the recorded version or send someone from your organization in your place. Please contact us at with the name of your replacement so we can update our records. 

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