About Biotech Primer

Biotech Primer Inc. delivers current, relevant training to help professionals understand the science, business, and regulatory processes essential to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Molecular Diagnostics and Medical Device industries. With continuously updated materials and industry experts behind the podium, we provide the most engaging instruction anywhere.

When we opened the company doors in 2001, our sole focus was entry-level science education for the non-scientist, which helped clients bridge in-house communication gaps and develop more cohesive, well-trained teams for product development. Since then, we expanded to offer advanced training for all levels of experienced professionals—an estimated 65,000 people trained worldwide to date.  We help prepare companies to make strategic business decisions, navigate important regulatory hurdles, and move healthcare products from the bench to the bedside. To accomplish these goals, we offer a diverse range of learning, ensuring participants retain and put into practice what they learn.

Our Subject Matter Expertise

  • Biotechnology
  • Drug Development
  • Medical Device Development
  • The Science of Molecular Diagnostics
  • Molecular Diagnostics Development
  • BioSafety/BioRisk

Our Diverse Training Options

  • In-House: Customized training for organizations
  • Online: Learning for individuals; customizable for organizations
  • Open Enrollment: Pre-scheduled courses for individuals in convenient locations
  • Digital: Free, easy to read WEEKLY newsletter to keep you informed of the latest science breakthroughs
  • In Print: The Biotech Primer, our 200 page compendium of biotech knowledge

Our Instructors

Biotech Primer instructors offer extensive industry experience. By drawing on their various backgrounds, these seasoned professionals are steeped in the real world situations you face. They have developed drugs, diagnostics and medical devices for companies ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups.

Biotech Primer courses are on-point, thorough and each is taught by a dedicated industry educator, not by a patchwork of invited academic lecturers.

You can expect:
• Limited class size so all your questions are answered
• Hands-on labs, thought provoking case studies, and dynamic discussions so you practice what you learn
• Industry war stories to help you avoid lessons hard learned by others

Biotech Primer instructors use a distinct learning methodology to get their point across. Research proves multiple learning styles – Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, and Logical – activate different parts of the brain. By involving a variety of thought patterns in the thinking process, we not only ensure everyone receives the information, but that all participants retain the knowledge they need.

Biotech Primer cultivates an unforgettable learning environment that never grows dull. Find out more about our instructors by checking out their individual bios below.

Become a Biotech Primer Instructor. Send your resume to stacey@biotechprimer.com for consideration.

What Clients Are Saying

“I was astonished by how good this course was – how refined and on-point the materials were and how well calibrated the delivery was. I sat next to 2 investment bankers and one MD/MBA CEO of a publically traded company and all felt the course relevant enough to (1) stop staring at their iphones and (2) show their own vulnerability by asking questions. The instructor, Emily, was great at handling questions that had the potential to pull us into the weeds.  So impressed with how well organized the whole class was.  Will recommend to all my colleagues.”

“Biotech Primer gave me the opportunity to sit in during their recent Boston BioBasics workshop. It was absolutely terrific. It was professional, extremely well organized, and covered astonishing amounts of information in just two days. Dr. Karin Lucas presented the entire time, with enthusiasm and openness the whole way through. The attendees were very comfortable with her, asking questions at any time, not worried about their own lack of background. She handled all of these with a terrific, gentle style making them feel smart and informed.”

“The material hit precisely the right level. The material was leading this sharp group to the correct directions and ideas for more detail on the topics that were introduced. The pace and the flow were perfect, obviously masterfully crafted over many years. The combination of lecture and some well-designed hands-on exercises, use of simple and effective props for visualization, and judicious use of animations for trickier concepts was totally suited to the materials. A particularly noticeable feature of the material was the well-chosen analogies and examples that matched the attendees’ level. Color-blindness, cookbooks (one attendee’s family cookbook contains recipes for moonshine, we discovered), pregnancy tests, and many other tangible examples led the trainees to the correct conclusions, and to issues for further thought (about economics, ethics, and more).”

“The second morning included a brief review at the beginning, and it was clear that the participants had paid attention and grasped the information from the first day. A side effect that I didn’t expect from this was how impressed attendees were with the cleverness of biology and chemistry, and the increased appreciation they had for the science and the science and engineering teams. The number of times that someone said “wow” during a slide became something I started to score in my notes. It had to be a dozen after I started tracking it. They were really inspired by the promises of biotechnology.”

“I asked some of the attendees if they got what they wanted out of this. I talked to an accountant and administrator, a venture capitalist, and an MIT economist. The answers were universally “yes”. One guy (whose educational background was in music) who does tech transfer for a local hospital said, It tied it all together.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending the Biotech Primer team’s presentation to groups who wish to expand their grasp of the science and technology of biotech. I think it will deliver increased confidence in the attendee’s grasp of the field, and I have no doubt that it would help them to understand many aspects of the work that goes on around them.”

Our Partners

Biotech Primer partners will various groups to offer their members discounts on our training. The following lists organizations with whom we have partnered.

Contact Stacey Hawkins 410.491.2946 or stacey@biotechprimer.com to discuss partnership opportunities.


Our Industry Experience

  • 2018: Delivered a new two-day course, Strategic Commercialization Within Biopharma
  • 2017: Launched a new one-day course, Understanding Drug Pricing
  • 2016: Developed two new online courses, Biosimilars and Immunology
  • 2015: Gave out our first eBook “Life Science Innovations Explained“, a compilation of our WEEKLY eNewsletters.
  • 2014: Chosen to develop and deliver a two-day program to introduce Massachusetts Advanced Manufacturers to the Life Sciences
  • 2013: Developed customized Medical Device webinars for Parker Hannifin Life Sciences group
  • 2012: Developed on demand BioSafety webinars in conjunction with Alliance Biosciences
  • 2011: Briefed newly elected California state legislative representatives on the basics of biotech
  • 2010: Rewrote BIO’s Guide to Biotechnology and updated BIO’s Milestones 2010 report
  • 2009: Developed and updated material for Amgen’s biotechnology outreach initiatives, including their online Science Resource Library and Biotech Basics Brochure
  • 2008: Developed and delivered a day-long science program for Genentech’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • 2007: Briefed the Illinois General Assembly Biotechnology House Committee on biotech issues
  • 2006: Developed and delivered science presentations at annual company meetings including Ernst & Young, Genentech and Amgen
  • 2005: Consulted for the National Museum of Dentistry on their new forensic exhibit, Your Spitting Image. This project included exhibit design, exhibit content, teacher/student exhibit worksheets
  • 2004: Wrote Basics of Biotech booklet for Invitrogen Corp for distribution at 2004 National Republican Convention
  • 2003: Gave 2 hr talk at Biotechnology Industry Organization’s (BIO) International Convention
  • 2002: Delivered first customized onsite course at Invitrogen Corp in Carlsbad, CA
  • 2001: Delivered first offsite course in San Diego, CA

Our Clients

The following is a partial list of companies who have either hired us in-house to create a customized course or who have sent their employees to one of our open enrollment courses.

• Abbott Laboratories
• AbbVie
• Abdimab
• Aeras
• Affymetrix
• Alexandria Real Estate
• Alnylam
• Amgen
• Amylin Pharmaceuticals
• AstraZeneca
• Baxter
• Biogen Idec
• Biomarin
• Bio-Rad
• Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Boehringer Ingelheim
• California Healthcare Institute
• City of Port St. Lucie
• CNA HealthPro
• Contact Singapore
• Deloitte
• DLP Piper
• Eli Lilly
• Enterprise Florida
• Ernst & Young
• GE Financial
• Genentech
• Genomic Health
• Genzyme
• Georgetown University
• Gilead
• GlaxoSmithKline
• Hewlett Packard
• Howard Hughes Medical Institute
• Indiana University
• Ingenuity Systems
• Johns Hopkins University
• Johnson & Johnson
• Legg Mason Financial
• Life Technologies
• Massachusetts Life Science Center
• Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development
• Medicon Valley Association
• MedImmune
• Merck
• Merrill Lynch Capital- Life Sciences
• Miles & Stockbridge P.C.
• Millennium
• Millipore Corporation
• Morrison & Foerster LLP
• Novartis
• National University of Singapore
• Parker Hannifin
• Qiagen
• Regeneron
• Sanofi
• Sarawak Diversity Center
• Scripps Research Institute
• Shire
• Smart & Associates
• Strategene Group
• U.S. Pharmacopeia

Biotech Primer In The News

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