Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, all Face-to-Face courses will be delivered live, online until September 1, 2020.

Customized Onsite Training

Looking for a training solution to specifically address challenges your organization is facing?

By working closely with management to identify just what your employees need to know and why, we can create a program to deliver these insights in a way that specifically targets long-term company goals. Organizations can choose from our signature courses—core material from our extensive library of life science topics—or we can fully customize courses with completely original content. We have deep industry knowledge in Biotechnology, Drug Development, Medical Devices, Molecular Diagnostics, and Biosafety.

Invest in Top-Notch Life Science Training

75% of our training is delivered onsite at client facilities.

We can:

  • Prepare your people for a product launch so everyone understands the importance of their contribution and the launch as a whole
  • Increase the baseline understanding of the science or regulatory process to enable better communication between teams
  • Explain how the discovery process works and what information researchers use so your engineers and IT department can implement better systems
  • Educate new hires or business development teams on the science behind your product so they are more empowered and effective employees

What Exactly Does “Customized” Mean?

Training is more effective and has more employee buy-in when it is most relevant to the audience.

Our customized training is based upon your:

  • Current organization needs and challenges
  • Products, services, and therapeutic area focus
  • Stage of product development
  • Current and anticipated regulatory hurdles
  • Corporate culture and structure
  • Employee job function, industry experience and education background
  • Company budget and time constraints

More Advantages

  • We come to you—no travel costs for employees
  • Multiple learning styles engaged: see it, hear it, discuss it, do it—learn it
  • The level of instruction is tailored to audience background
  • We extend beyond course content with current and relevant industry examples
  • Corporate knowledge is transferred from employee to employee when live interactions occur


  • Customized Course Workbook: To include all presented slides, a listing of “Take Home Points,” all activities, labs, case studies, list of industry acronyms, glossary of biotech terms
  • Course Certificate of Completion
  • Name Badges & Sign-In Sheet
  • Evaluations (summary of results shared with organization)
  • We take care of everything!



  • Pricing is per day for up to 25 people
  • Have more than 25 people? We can accommodate more for an additional per person fee
  • Instructor travel (billed at cost)
  • Shipment of course materials (billed at cost)
  • Competitive customization fees (since we have an extensive library often customization is limited, if needed at all)
  • Private label course materials for an additional fee dependent on scope

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you train at once? What is the minimum number of participants? What is the maximum number of participants?
Our ideal number of participants is 25. There is no minimum participant number. The maximum number of participants is 35.
What is the cost of the onsite customized training?
Training for up to 25 people in the US is between $8,500-$12,000 per day. Pricing depends on the subject, location, number of participants and amount of customization needed. Prices are reduced for multiple, consecutive day training.
Who attends your training?
We have a diverse audience in experience, education and job description. When we go onsite, we usually have two types of audiences: an audience from a single department or an audience from a cross section of the company. It depends on the company and how they arrange their training.
Do you send out class materials to attendees prior to the class?
Class materials are distributed at the beginning of the class.
Is there pre-work prior to the class?
No pre-work is assigned.
What sort of training materials do you provide?
We provide a customized spiral workbook specific to each class. The workbook includes all presented slides and each slide’s “Take Home Points” so you can focus on and retain the most important information. All labs, activities, and case studies are included in the workbook. Depending on the class, some workbooks include a glossary of biotech terms and others may include a list of commonly used acronyms.
Do you provide refreshments and snacks? Breakfast and lunch?
We do not provide any refreshments or meals for onsite training. Often the company will provide some sort of drink and food for the participants.
Can you hold the training at our company facility?
We come to you! Save time and money by having us travel to your facility instead of having your employees travel to us.
What sort of room set-up is required for your training?

We prefer the room to be set-up classroom style with all tables and chairs facing forward towards the screen. We also need a table along the side of the room for lab and activity set-up and access to electrical outlets. AV needs include: screen, white board or flip chart with markers, and LCD projector. A nice to have is a lapel mic if the room is large and a table at the front of the room for the instructor

Who are your instructors? What is their background?
Our instructors are dynamic, industry-experienced experts. In fact, this is what sets us apart from other training organizations – our instructors! Anyone can “learn the presentation”- but our instructors can handle your most difficult questions. Anyone can stand before others and read off the slides, but Biotech Primer instructors are engaging and “edu-tain” you with their own personal war stories.
Do I get a certificate for attending?
Each participant gets a certificate of attendance. To receive your certificate, you must first complete the electronic survey that is emailed to you at the end of the class. Once submitted you will receive your certificate by email.
Do you provide credit hours?
We do not provide credit hours, however if an organization has access to accreditation, we are certainly willing to sign needed documents to get someone their credit hours.
Do you provide training internationally?
We provide training worldwide. We have provided training throughout Europe, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India.
Do you provide training in other languages besides English?
We have instructors fluent in French, Mandarin and Japanese.
I need training for topics not listed on your website. Do you have additional training topics?
We have many topics not currently listed, give us a call at 410.377.4429 and let’s discuss your training needs.
Do you offer half-day training?
Do you offer training that is longer than three days?
How far in advance do I need to book the training?
We prefer a minimum of eight weeks advanced notice. Occasionally, we can deliver a class within a week or two depending on instructor availability and amount of customization required.
Why should I choose Biotech Primer for our training?
Our instructors. Our materials. Our customer service. Our attention to your training goals. Our convenience – we bring everything to you.
Do you offer other services besides training?

We have provided additional services including:

  • Developed customized webinars for internal company needs
  • Briefed newly elected representatives on the basics of the life sciences industry
  • Developed material for company outreach initiatives, including online science resource libraries, brochures, booklets, community labs for high school students, and presentation for employees to give to local community organizations
  • Developed and delivered a day-long science programs for company “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day”
  • Developed and delivered science presentations at annual company meetings
  • Consulted on a museum exhibit, including exhibit design, exhibit content and teacher/student exhibit guides
  • Wrote “Basics of Biotech Pocket Guide” for client to distribute at 2004 National Republican Convention