Commercialization Readiness From Preclinical to First Launch:

The 1st Time Biotech CEOs Playbook

April 24, 2024 | 12:00pm-4:00pm EST

Live Online

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Russ Belden

Commercialization Readiness From Preclinical to First Launch: The First Time Biotech CEOs Playbook

Commercialization Readiness From Preclinical to First Launch: The First Time Biotech CEOs Playbook will equip early-stage biotechnology leaders with the commercialization knowledge they need to strategically position their organizations for financing success and meeting critical Commercial and Medical Affairs milestones.

The drug development process is complex and multifaceted, and understanding the commercialization considerations at each phase is vital. From preclinical to first product launch, this one-day course will help biotech executives make informed strategic choices for long-term success.

Beginning with Phase I, this interactive course will cover the phase-specific commercialization activities and preparation emerging companies need to make for a successful first launch, including Market analysis with competitive landscape assessment, the Commercialization Roadmap development including launch critical success factors, FTEs and dollar spend required for launch, market access pricing and reimbursement, value proposition development, and go-to-market preparation and regulatory considerations. Note these early commercial flows inform the corporate and partnering strategy at emerging biotech companies.



  1. Discover how defensible revenue forecasts and meaningful clinical differentiation are the underpinnings of value creation at Preclinical to Phase 1 companies.
  2. Access and review McKinsey, IQVIA, and Syneos data illustrating why most commercial launches fail (and how to prevent that).
  3. Recognize the value of the Commercialization Roadmap and how it impacts both commercial and corporate strategy.
  4. Identify key commercialization success factors and their value as a core, differentiating competency that impacts strategy and spending.
  5. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the product launch process and understand the scope of work your CCO is responsible for heading to a successful launch.

    Location: Live Online | Link Released 24hrs before class begins.

    What to bring to class: Log into your Biotech Primer dashboard to download or print the electronic workbook as you will need access to this for course activities. You may want to bring a pen and paper to take notes. Please ensure your laptop is fully charged.

    $845 USD Regular Price



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