Small Molecule Drug Discovery Primer 101

Small Molecule Drug Discovery Primer 101 teaches the essential steps to finding and bringing new compounds to market. From identifying potential drug targets to optimizing lead compounds, this class demonstrates how scientists refine small molecule drugs before they undergo preclinical and clinical trials. Discover how proven techniques like computational modeling, in vitro testing, and animal studies are crucial in identifying promising medicinal options. Don’t miss this opportunity to become conversant in the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical research!

Section 1: Introduction to Drug Discovery

Learn about various types of drugs, defining drug targets and candidates. Explore small molecule drug characteristics, understand drug efficacy vs. effectiveness, and examine drug discovery costs and success rates. Dive into the drug discovery workflow and stages of drug development.

Section 2: Drug Targets

Discover the process of drug target identification, from in silico and in vitro testing to genetic evaluation. Learn how to choose and validate a target, explore RNAi testing, and understand the importance of reproducibility in this essential primer.

Section 3: Drug Candidates

Learn the critical steps in drug candidate identification, including high throughput screening and computer-aided drug design. Understand the selection of lead candidates, their desirable characteristics, and the optimization process in the journey from drug discovery to preclinical development.

Five Takeaways


  1. Define the terms drug target, drug candidate, and small molecule drug.
  2. Acquire a foundational understanding of the drug discovery process for small molecules.
  3. Compare and contrast the most common drug targets exploited by the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Gain insights into the known methods of identifying, validating, and selecting a drug target.
  5. State the importance of identifying, validating, optimizing, and selecting a drug candidate.

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