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RECORDED BioBasics 201: Targeted Therapeutics Explained for the Non-Scientist

BioBasics 201: Targeted Therapeutics Explained for the Non-Scientist explores the fascinating world of immunology and the breakthrough therapeutics it inspires. It begins with the intricate workings of the human immune system, meticulously describing the cells and actions used by the body to stop disease. This class then digs deep into the medications that aid the immune system when cancer or infection overwhelms it. Vaccines, therapeutic antibodies, gene and cell therapies, RNA medicines, and genome editing are explored in significant detail. BioBasics 201 highlights the pivotal roles, mechanisms of action, and next-generation innovation of each revolutionary treatment. Grab your spot today and unlock the secrets of immunology and biopharma’s cutting-edge innovations!

Week 1: Immunology: Introduction to the Human Immune System

Explore the Human Immune System in this introductory Immunology course. Learn about immune system tissues, non-specific and specific immunity, the roles of key immune cells, and the importance of immune signaling through cytokines, with real-world applications such as managing cytokine storms.

Week 2: Immunology: How Our Body Fights Disease

Explore how our body fights disease through Immunology. Uncover the mechanisms behind non-specific and specific immune responses, learn about B-cells, antibodies, the complement response, T-cells, and the regulation of the immune system. Discover real-world applications, including insights into inflammation, monoclonal antibodies, and tumor suppression of T-cells.

Week 3: Targeted Biologics: Vaccines

Discover the world of Targeted Biologics: Vaccines. Learn about immunological memory, the mechanisms behind vaccines, and various vaccine platforms. Explore the emerging field of DNA and RNA vaccines, with a spotlight on the industry application of a universal flu vaccine.

Week 4: Focus On: Oncology

Get to know the intricate world of cancer, delve into the mechanisms of growth factor signaling, and discover the industry application of Gleevec. Understand the complexities of the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and the exciting developments in cancer immunotherapy.

Week 5: Targeted Biologics: Antibody Therapies

Uncover the world of therapeutic antibodies, their mechanisms of action, and the difference between polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Dive into the innovative field of antibody-drug conjugates and biospecific antibodies. Learn about their industry applications, including the role of PD-1, PD-L1, CTLA-4, and next-generation checkpoint inhibitors.

Five Takeaways


  1. Explain the mechanisms of the human immune system used to safeguard our health against cancer and pathogenic threats.
  2. List vaccine platforms and discuss how they harness the power of immunological memory to protect us against infectious agents.
  3. Examine the rationale behind therapeutic antibody mechanisms of action and cite the diverse approaches of monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies, and checkpoint inhibitors.
  4. Contrast DNA-based and RNA-based therapies and analyze the unique features of each approach.
  5. Describe how cell therapy, including cell-based immunotherapies, stem cell-based therapies, and gene therapies, are being used to treat liquid and solid tumors.

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