Immunology Primer 201

Immunology Primer 201 builds on the foundational knowledge from Immunology Primer 101 and is a complete immersion into the specific immune system. This advanced class aims to spotlight the complexity of how disease occurs and how the human body responds. From disease recognition to disease elimination, this primer comprehensively accounts for the remarkable processes that keep humans healthy. This class ends with specific attention to the immune system’s memory B-cells and memory T-cells that fight reinfection, which has direct implications for vaccine technology. Join Immunology Primer 201 to learn the science that inspired immunotherapies and vaccines. Enroll today!

Section 1: Non-Specific Immunity

Learn how your non-specific immune system recognizes, responds to, and eliminates a pathogen.

Section 2: Specific Immunity

Learn the details of the nonspecific immune system, including how B-cells and T-cells are activated and interact to fight disease.

Section 3: Immune System Activation: Putting It All Together

Describes how the immune response fights disease in its entirety.

Five Takeaways


  1. List in meticulous detail the intricate processes of the specific immune response.
  2. Explain how the specific immune system recognizes, responds to, and eliminates cancer and infection.
  3. Describe how the immune system’s memory B-cells and T-cells fight reinfection.
  4. Summarize the role of cytokines and why/how cytokine storms may occur due to some medications.
  5. Explore the use of immune responses to develop novel immunotherapies and vaccines to combat cancer and infections.

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