Immunology Primer 101 reveals the intricate workings of the human immune system, highlighting the difference between nonspecific and specific immunity. It uncovers the mysteries of how our bodies combat cancer and infections, exploring the roles of immune cells and tissues acting in our defense. This class showcases the remarkable link between our natural defenses and headline-grabbing therapeutic antibodies developed by the biopharmaceutical industry. These therapies have revolutionized disease treatment for a host of diseases. Immunology Primer 101 is the perfect starting point for those new to understanding immunotherapies. Don’t miss the chance to join us!

Section 1: Immune System Overview

Describes how the immune system’s cells and tissues work and makes the connection between what occurs naturally to the immune-inspired therapies created by the biopharma industry.

Section 2: Disease

Lists how the broad categories of disease are caused and how the immune system recognizes and fights each category. By mimicking the immune system’s “illness-fighting game plan,” researchers build better therapies.

Section 3: Components of the Immune System

Differentiates the two distinct immune systems, the nonspecific immune system and the specific immune system, which has implications in drug discovery and development.

Five Takeaways


  1. Highlight the differences between nonspecific and specific immunity.
  2. Name the cells and the tissues of the immune system.
  3. Compare how the immune system distinguishes between self and non-self when fighting disease.
  4. Summarize the general steps of the nonspecific immune system to combat disease.
  5. Discuss the relationship between the naturally occurring immune system and the immune-inspired therapies created by the biopharma industry.

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