LTI v1.0/v1.1 requirements


Biotech Primer provides an “LTI Server” to deliver courses hosted in Biotech Primer’s LMS to LMSs that have a compatible LTI client. This document details the requirements for the LMS that need to consume the courses.

LMS Requirements

The following requirements are mandatory for consumption :

  • Must be running on HTTPS
  • LTI v1.1
  • Name, email should be passed on in the launch parameters

* Basic LTI is the 1.0 version of the standard, and offers context passing from an LMS (known as the tool consumer in the relationship) to the learning tool (known as the tool, which is created by a tool provider). LTI version 1.1 offers the ability to pass back grades information from the tool to the LMS grade book

Integration with LMS

Retrieve LTI Credentials from Biotech Primer

  • Once the purchase is completed. Company purchase menu will be enabled
  • Find the ‘Company purchase’ menu under ‘My Profile’ main menu
  • On the page, you can view ‘manage course view
  • Against each course, you can view the LTI credentials
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