BioBasics™ BioBasics is an intensive two-day course starting with a review of the healthcare sectors and the scientific concepts required for understanding the biopharma industry. Building on this knowledge, the course delves into the cause of genetic and infectious disease, how disease is diagnosed, and the various therapeutic strategies used to mitigate disease. The latest innovations in immunotherapies, RNA technology, gene therapy, checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T and more are explained.

Day One
Industry Overview 9:00-9:30
Healthcare Industry Sectors
Small Molecule Drugs
Large Molecule Drugs (Biologics)
Peptide Drugs
Generics & Biosimilars

Biology: Basis of Biopharma 9:30- 10:15
Biotechnology Defined
Molecules Critical to Life
Cell Structure & Function
Focus on Cellular Cell Signaling
Industry Application: Antagonists & Agonists as Drugs

Break 10:15- 10:30

DNA: Biotech’s Blueprint 10:30-11:15
DNA Structure, Chromosomes & Genes
DNA Function
Lab: DNA Isolation & Extraction

Protein: Biopharma’s Workhorse 11:15-noon
How DNA Codes for Proteins
Protein Structure
Post-Translational Modifications
Post-Translational Modifications Critical to Making Biologics
Chaperone Therapeutics
Industry Application: Using the Proteome for Drug Discovery

Lunch provided noon-1:00

Genetic Basis of Disease 1:00-2:30
Mutations: Source of Genetic Variation
Epigenetics and Epigenetic Medicines
Genetic Basis of Disease
Monogenic and Polygenic Diseases
Industry Application: Identifying Mutations That Cause Disease
Precision Medicine: Breast Cancer
Companion Diagnostics
Activity: Genetic Variation Taste Test

Break 2:30-2:45

Genomics: Understanding the Genetic Basis of Disease 2:45-4:15
Genomics Defined
Identifying Mutations That Cause Disease: PCR, Microarrays, Next Generation Sequencing, Third Generation Sequencing
Industry Application: Using Big Data to Treat Rare Disease
Liquid Biopsies

Q&A|Review 4:15-4:30

Day Two
Treating Genetic Disease 9:00-10:15
Antisense Therapy
Exon Skipping Therapy
Gene Therapy
Zinc Finger Nuclease Therapy
CRISPR/Cas9 Therapy
mRNA Therapy

Break 10:15-10:30

Immunology & Infectious Disease 10:30-noon
Cells and Tissues of the Immune System
Non-Specific Immune Response
Industry Application: Understanding Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disease
Specific Immune Response: T-Cells and B-Cells
Antibody Structure & Function
Cytotoxic T-Cell Structure & Function
Helper T-Cells & Cytokines Function

Lunch provided noon-1:00

Activating an Immune Response: Vaccines 1:00-1:30
Immunological Memory
How Vaccines Work
Types of Vaccines: DNA & Oncolytic Vaccines
Industry Application: Making an HIV Vaccine

Immunotherapies 1:30-2:45
Polyclonal vs. Monoclonal Antibodies
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody for: Oncology, Autoimmune Disorders, Infectious Disease
Industry Application: Treating Cholesterol With PCSK9 Inhibitors
Bispecific Antibody Function
Antibody-Drug Conjugate Function
Immune System Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapies (PD1 & PDL1 in the Clinic)
Other CAR Therapies

Break 2:45-3:00

Producing Cures: Biomanufacturing 3:00-4:15
Production Platforms: Bacterial Cells & Mammalian Cells
Cell Line Development
Cell Bank Production & Qualification
Bulk Upstream Process: Scale-Up
Bulk Downstream Process: Harvest & Purification
Purification: Types of Chromatography
Formulation, Fill & Finish
Activity: Column Chromatography

Q&A|Review 4:15-4:30