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With continuously updated materials and industry experts behind the podium, Biotech Primer provides the most relevant, engaging instruction anywhere. We have the experience and content needed to prepare you to make strategic business decisions, navigate important regulatory hurdles, and move healthcare products from the bench to the bedside. To accomplish these goals, we offer a diverse range of learning, ensuring participants retain and put into practice what they learn.

  • Become more science literate
  • Integrate your science and business operations
  • Bring in-depth knowledge to your sales force
  • Converse more effectively with industry clients, colleagues, and scientists
  • Enable your entire staff to recognize new opportunities
  • Ready your team for the latest product launch
  • Prime outside consultants and vendors to work with your firm

Content Options

  • Biotechnology for Non-Scientists
  • Drug Development Focused on Biologics
  • The Science of Molecular Diagnostics
  • Molecular Diagnostics Development
  • Medical Device Development
  • Biosafety and Biorisk for Researchers

Delivery Options

  • Onsite: In-house, customized training tailored for organizations worldwide
  • Online: On-demand learning for individuals; customizable for organizations
  • Open Enrollment: Prescheduled, signature classes for individuals in convenient locations
  • Digital: Free, easy to read WEEKLY newsletter and the Annual WEEKLY Compendium to keep you informed of the latest science breakthroughs
  • In Print: The Biotech Primer, a compendium of biotechnology knowledge

Content Options

Biotech for Non-Scientists

Below find a listing of our unrivaled biotech courses for the non-scientist. Any of these signature courses (including online) can be customized to help everyone on your team get on the same page and better understand the science, business decisions, and regulatory hurdles specific to your company.

1-Day BioBriefing

Gain an understanding of the fundamental terms and concepts needed to navigate the rapidly changing biotechnology industry. Converse more effectively.

2-Day BioBasics

Develop a working knowledge of the fundamental industry terms and applications, enabling more effective communication with colleagues.

3-Day BioImmersion

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the technologies, that drive the biotech healthcare industry, come together to deliver novel theapeutics.

Biotech 101: The Science Driving Biotech

Understand the biology scientists use in the lab that enables discovery of new therapeutics. Online Course

Biotech 201: The Technology Driving Biotech

Explain the technology employed by the tools scientists use in the lab that enables discovery of new therapeutics. Online Course

Biotech 301: The Drug Discovery Process

List and explain the five-step drug discovery process scientist’s use in the lab to identify drug targets and novel therapeutics. Online Course 

Genetic Engineering

Understand how DNA, restriction enzymes, and plasmids are manipulated to produce biologics. The course concludes with the uses of biologics in healthcare applications. Online Course


Take an in-depth look at how antibodies are used as therapeutics and diagnostics.  Learn the various methods of antibody production for biotech applications. Online Course


Summarize the key steps of a production campaign, including cell line development, cell banking, scale-up, quality aspects, harvesting and purification. Online Course

Pharma Manufacturing

Describe small molecule drugs and their synthesis. Learn drug formulation, drug contamination, and measures taken to prevent drug tampering.  Online Course

Drug Development

Below find a listing of our most popular drug development courses for anyone who needs an overview of the drug development process. Any of these courses (including online) can be customized to help everyone on your team get on the same page and better understand the regulatory hurdles specific to your company products.

1-Day Drug Development Primer

Receive an overview of the FDA regulatory requirements to successfully bring a drug from the lab to the market. Discussion points focus on biologics.

2-Day Drug Development Immersion

Learn the regulatory, commercial and scientific considerations required to successfully bring a drug to market. Participants gain a working knowledge of strategic development.

2-Day Strategic Commercialization Within Biopharma

The course is focused on the major strategic considerations integral to successful commercialization within biopharma.
Signature Course

1-Day Commercialization Primer

This fast-paced one-day course is focused on the major strategic considerations and tactics integral to successful commercialization within biopharma.

1-Day Drug Pricing and Reimbursement

This course focuses on the complex relationship between drug manufactures, government policy, insurers, pharmacies, employers, and patients.

Drug Approval, Manufacturing, Quality, & Regulation

Learn the major steps required for preclinical and clinical testing; post-approval pharmacovigilance; good manufacturing practices; and validation procedures. Online Course

Molecular Diagnostics & Medical Devices

Below find a listing of our most popular medical device and molecular diagnostic courses for anyone who needs a better understanding of development process. Any of these courses (including online) can be customized to help everyone on your team get on the same page and better understand the development and regulatory hurdles specific to your company products.

2-Day MedDevice Development

Develop an understanding of the entire development process required to bring a new medical device to market. US and EU regulatory processes and reimbursement strategies are discussed.  

1-Day Science of Molecular Diagnostics

Learn how the strength of a diagnostic test is measured, and how that information is used by companies and regulatory agencies to evaluate new diagnostics.

1-Day Diagnostic Development

Explore the growing role of diagnostics in healthcare. Learn to more effectively manage current and emerging molecular diagnostic technologies.

Medical Device Overview & Regulation

Defines medical devices and explores the diversity of the industry by highlighting its sectors and top companies. An overview of the major medical device approval pathways and quality system regulations are explained.  Online Course

Medical Device Development

Delves into the five stages of medical device development, which include market opportunity evaluation, concept evaluation, engineering design, verification and validation, and manufacturing transfer.  Online Course

Medical Device Approval & Commercialization

Explains the process from approval to product launch. This includes the business preparations, manufacturing scale-up, reimbursement strategies and product launch decisions that accompany a successful regulatory outcome. Online Course

Diagnostic Development & Approval

Summarizes the regulatory pathways for different categories of diagnostics and the quality system regulations to which diagnostics must adhere. The course ends with an overview of US reimbursement considerations.  Online Course

Statistical Features Of Diagnostics

Explores the basic measurement concepts used in the development and evaluation of a diagnostic to determine the likelihood of receiving diagnostic approval for marketing. Online Course

Diagnostics’ Role In Medicine Today

Opens with a survey of molecular diagnostics and the scenarios in which they are used. Part 2 explains the general science used by researchers and engineers to develop companion diagnostics for targeted therapeutics. Online Course

How Diagnostic Tests Work: DNA Based Diagnostics

Explains the molecular science and technology used in a common set of diagnostic tools, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Microarray Technology, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microRNA techniques.  Online Course  

How Diagnostic Tests Work: Protein-Based Diagnostics

Focuses on various antibody-based diagnostics, such as sandwich and bead immunoassays, multiplexed assays, lateral flow assays, and protein chromatography are explained in detail. Online Course

Biosafety & Biorisk

Below find a listing of our most popular biosafety & biorisk courses created for those who manage or work in a laboratory setting. Any of these courses (including online) can be customized to bring everyone in your laboratory  up to speed quickly on standard and common safety practices.

2-Day Biosafety Course

Develop an understanding of the entire biosafety and biorisk process required to meet standard and generally accepted good laboratory practices as determined by the FDA.

Introduction to Biosafety Basics

Provides practices and principles to working with infectious biological agents, assessment of biological hazards, overview of risk mitigation via equipment , program management, and biosafety regulations. Online Course 

Elements of a BioRisk Management Program

Summarizes the major practices and principles, as well as the tools necessary for companies to integrate biological safety and biorisk management techniques into their existing laboratory operations and programs. Online Course

Basic Disinfection Practices for Tissue Culture Labs

Introduces disinfection methods for laboratories working with infectious agents. Emphasis is placed on common sources of contamination, choosing the right type of disinfectant, best practices for tissue culture laboratories, and how to clean the laboratory and equipment. Online Course

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations Training

Details current OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations, how to determine if your organization is subject to its laws, and how to properly integrate them into existing medical surveillance, health, and safety programs. Online Course

NIH Recombinant DNA Compliance & IBCs

Explains how NIH compliance may affect your institution exempt vs. non-exempt experiments, as well as, what to expect during an NIH site visit/audit , and common compliance challenges. Requirements set forth by the NIH and other relevant institutions will be covered. Online Course

Intro to Biosafety Cabinets

Provides an overview of biosafety cabinets (BSC), including different types, safe operation and work practices, proper decontamination methods, and a review of the NSF/ANSI 49-2009 Standard. Online Course

Working With Animals

Focuses on the special considerations of working safely with laboratory animals. A detailed look into animal laboratory equipment and animal laboratory best practices will be covered. Online Course

Delivery Options



Onsite Training
In-House, Customized



Online Learning
On-Demand, At Your Pace



Open Enrollment
Rapid, Relevant, Affordable

Onsite Training: In-House, Customized

Looking for a training solution to specifically address challenges your organization is facing?

By working closely with management to identify just what your employees need to know and why, we can create a program to deliver these insights in a way that specifically targets long-term company goals. Organizations can choose from pre-developed, semi-customized, or fully customized courses – you can select the core material from our extensive library of industry topics or let us work with you to create completely original content. We have deep industry knowledge in Biotechnology, Drug Development, Medical Devices, Molecular Diagnostics, and Biosafety.

Invest in Top-Notch Life Science Training

75% of our training is delivered onsite at client facilities.

We can:

  • Prepare your people for a product launch so everyone understands the importance of their contribution and the launch as a whole
  • Increase the baseline understanding of the science or regulatory process to enable better communication between teams
  • Explain how the discovery process works and what information researchers use so your engineers and IT department can implement better systems
  • Educate new hires or business development teams on the science behind your product so they are more empowered and effective employees

What Exactly Does “Customized” Mean?

Training is more effective and has more employee buy-in when it is most relevant to the audience.

Our customized training is based upon your:

  • Current organization needs and challenges
  • Products, services, and therapeutic area focus
  • Stage of product development
  • Current and anticipated regulatory hurdles
  • Corporate culture and structure
  • Employee job function, industry experience and education background
  • Company budget and time constraints

More Advantages

  • We come to you – no travel costs for employees
  • Multiple learning styles engaged: see it, hear it, discuss it, do it – learn it
  • The level of instruction is tailored to audience background
  • We extend beyond course content with current and relevant industry examples
  • Corporate knowledge is transferred from employee to employee when live interactions occur


  • Customized Course Workbook: To include all presented slides, a listing of “Take Home Points,” all activities, labs, case studies, list of industry acronyms, glossary of biotech terms
  • Course Certificate of Completion
  • Name Badges & Sign-In Sheet
  • Evaluations (summary of results shared with organization)
  • We take care of everything!


  • Pricing is per day for up to 25 people
  • Have more than 25 people? We can accommodate more for an additional per person fee
  • Instructor travel (billed at cost)
  • Shipment of course materials (billed at cost)
  • Competitive customization fees (since we have an extensive library often customization is limited, if needed at all)
  • Private label course materials for an additional fee dependent on scope
  • Our Training Solutions Meet Client Needs | Case Studies
  • Onsite Customized Training| FAQ
  • Interested In Bringing Us In-House? | Let’s Chat

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Online Learning: On-Demand, At Your Pace

Biotech Primer offers a number of pre-developed online courses to suit any need–the individual, the small group, or the large company. Couple the online learning with our onsite training for a blended learning experience.

Why Online Learning?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn on your own time
  • Learn wherever you are
  • Retain knowledge with our interactive courses

Online Learning Options

For Individuals: pre-developed online courses available.

For small groups: organizations who need to train 10 or more people, we offer group purchases for one, all, or any combination of online courses.

For large companies: organizations who prefer to place our online courses on their internal learning management system, we offer an in-license option. All our online learning is SCORM compliant and runs on standard learning management systems. Our team of IT experts will work closely with your organization to ensure successful technology implementation.

Need additional online training not listed? We offer customized online course development.


  • Downloadable course materials in PDF format
  • End of course assessment
  • Certificate which lists the course, date of completion, and assessment score
  • Biosafety courses eligible for ,125 ABSA CMC credits
  • Our Training Solutions Meet Client Needs | Case Studies
  • Online Learning | FAQ
  • Biosafety Online Courses Eligible | CMC Credits
  • Interested In Customized Online Courses or In-House Licensing? | Let’s Chat

Open Enrollment: Convenient, Affordable

Biotech Primer offers signature classes throughout the year in various locations. Go to 2018 Classes to find a current schedule of open enrollment classes.

Why Offsite?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient, offered throughout the year in many US locations
  • Discounts offered for partner members
  • Content is constantly updated to respond to ever-changing market conditions
  • Engaging industry experts available to answer your questions
  • Lively discussions, shared war stories, case studies, hands-on activities and labs reinforce learning
  • Experienced instructors tailor the level of instruction to participants’ background and extend beyond course content with real industry examples
  • Networking and corporate knowledge is transferred when live interactions occur
  • We take care of everything, including lunch
  • View Our Current Open Enrollment Courses | Course Calendar
  • Open Enrollment Courses | FAQ
  • Biosafety Courses Eligible | CMC Credits
  • Interested in bringing our signature classes to your members? Partnerships available | Let’s Chat