The Biology Of Biotech

The Biology of Biotech provides an overview of biotechnology’s most important biological molecules and systems to make novel therapies and diagnostics. This online course lays the groundwork for understanding the biopharma industry by focusing on cells, DNA, and proteins and how these are manipulated by researchers to develop new health care products. This class is the perfect place to start if you are a non-scientist who wants to understand the science driving research and discovery.

Section 1 The Cell: The Biotech Advantage

Demonstrates how biotechnology takes advantage of processes that already exist in the human body to create new products.

Section 2: DNA & Proteins: The Biotech Workhorse

Correlates the relationship between DNA and proteins, and how the cellular process of protein synthesis is used to create medicines.

Section 3: Genetic Variation: Understanding Disease

Explains how mutations lead to genetic variation which sometimes triggers disease. Knowledge of genetic variation is the first step to improving disease diagnosis and treatment.

Five Takeaways


  1. Knowledge of cell structure and function, and how cellular functions are manipulated by scientists to develop new products.
  2. Understanding of protein synthesis and how this cellular process is optimized to create therapeutics.
  3. Correlation between genetic mutations and disease.
  4. Fluency in genetic variation and its role in disease diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Exploration of significantly important molecules and their role in health and disease.

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