Biotech Primer’s on-demand classes are taken at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. Available 24/7! Each class comes with downloadable course materials including all course slides, as well as, subtitles and course transcripts available in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Farsi, French, Spanish, and Russian. Upon successful completion receive your course certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn education profile with a click of a button. Bulk purchase pricing available. Special pricing for BIO member companies available. Corporate account features such as Enterprise and LTI Bridge available to organizations wanting to purchase 50+ classes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have two week from the time you start the class (not from the time your purchase the class) to complete the online course. For example, if you start your elearning course at 9am on Saturday, the course will close at 9am two Saturday’s from that start date.

Do you offer discounts to BIO members?

Yes, all active and current BIO members automatically receive a $30 discount on all $150 elearning courses. Our website automatically identifies BIO members by their company email address so to be eligible use your company email address. 

What happens if I don’t complete the course in two week?

You can pay a $25 fee to have an additional two weeks access to the course. Just go back to the course registration page and you will see a link to extend the course for $25.

How long are the online courses?

The view time is listed for each course on the website. The timed assessment at the end of each course is 20 minutes long. It will take a few minutes to download the course materials and certificate. It will take five minutes to take and submit the course evaluation.

Are there any class materials?

Yes, each course has a link for you to click to view the course materials. You will have access to this protal indefintely.

Do you give any refunds if I change my mind?

Once you have purchased a course no refunds are given.

What is the format of the online courses?

The online courses begin with an overview of what you will learn, the course itself, and then a summary of what you learned. The course is a series of animations, interactive activities, images, and text accompanied by a professional voice over. The course ends with a quiz to assess your understanding of the course content.


Can I repeat the course?

You can repeat the course as often as you like within the two week timeframe that the course is available to view.


How many times can I take the course quiz?

You have two chances to pass the quiz. You will be given 20 minutes to complete it. A passing score is 70% or higher. You must pass the course to receive the certificate. 


May I share a course I purchased with others?

Each course is to be taken by one individual. If you would like to learn as a group, please contact us for pricing at


Do I receive a certificate for taking the course?

There are three requirements to receive your certificate of attendance:

  • You must view each page of the course
  • You must pass the course quiz with 70% or higher
  • You must complete the course evaluation.

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