As CEO of Biotech Primer, putting the safety of my team, customers and the community at large first is my priority. In response to the uncertainty of the COVID19 outbreak we will be delivering our live, hands-on face-to-face courses online via ZOOM video conferencing. We are also able to deliver our customized, onsite courses virtually as well.

To ensure you receive the same high-quality training experience you expect from Biotech Primer, here are a list of benefits of our hands-on, live online course:

  1. Smaller class size: each virtual classroom will have a limited number of attendees to ensure individual attention from the instructor.
  2. Access to all course materials and labs: materials will be shipped to you in advance of the course.
  3. Ability to interact with the instructor and classmates: Zoom has easy-to-use audio and chat features.
  4. Follow-up support: you will be able to schedule a 20-minute call with Dr. Emily Burke, our lead instructor, to ask questions or go over course content one-on-one.

 What you will need to participate in the course:

  1. A computer with internet access
  2. Built-in mic or headphones (PREFERRED). You will need to hear people and they will need to hear you (mic + headphones) 
  3. Access or permission to install ZOOM software on your device

 If you have any questions, please contact me directly at

Stay healthy,

Stacey Hawkins
CEO, Biotech Primer