The Biotech Primer:

An Insider’s Guide to the Science Driving the Biopharma Industry

The second edition of THE BIOTECH PRIMER takes an in-depth look at the biotech industry, and in particular, the science that drives it. From cell structure to protein structure; gene expression to genetic variation and genetic engineering; the human immune response to the production of antibodies for biotech application; and finally drug discovery, drug development, and biomanufacturing—we discuss the key concepts and technologies that impact current biotechnology developments.

This book will support your growth as a biotechnology professional. Although the industry itself is constantly changing, these fundamental concepts upon which it is built will remain important for years to come—and decision-makers who understand these fundamentals will be better able to evaluate and predict new trends. More than anything else, we hope that your understanding of the science behind biotechnology will serve to increase your enthusiasm for this exciting and truly lifechanging industry. The future is here—be a part of it.

Biotech Primer Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Putting the Bio in Biotech
Chapter 2: Blueprint of the Century: DNA
Chapter 3: Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein
Chapter 4: Genetic Variation
Chapter 5: Genetic Engineering
Chapter 6: The Immune System
Chapter 7: Drug Discovery
Chapter 8: Drug Development: From the Lab to the Clinic
Chapter 9: Biomanufacturing